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Deutsche Holzveredelung Schmeing in Kirchhundem / Sauerland

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Deutsche Holzveredelung Schmeing

Company Profile

Decades of experience, competence and quality workmanship

Founded in 1934 by brothers Alfons and Ewald Schmeing in Kirchhundem, Germany, our medium sized company can reflect on nearly 80 years of successful trading.

Today Deutsche Holzveredelung employs over 100 people and is owned and run by 3rd generation brothers Dipl. Ing. Marc Schmeing and Dipl. Ing. Christian Schmeing. 

For more than 50 years our proven dehonit® brand, with excellent technical properties and references, has been supplied and used as construction and insulation materials worldwide.

Since 1995 our quality management system has been audited and certified in accordance with ISO 9001.

Today we are one of the leading manufacturers of compressed laminated wood and produce all qualities, sizes and geometries to the highest standards. As part of our portfolio we also machine and supply full kits and assemblies.

All dehonit® semi-finished and finished parts are machined exclusively at our main production plant in Kirchhundem, Germany. Our second production plant, operated by our experienced workforce, at Sokolov in the Czech Republic, supports the main plant with processing of the raw materials. During the last few years we have made major investments in both plants improving quality, safety and throughput thereby considerably increasing our production capacity.

Worldwide subsidiaries, agencies and joint-ventures help us to maintain close contact with all our customers across the globe

of a family owned and run company make us an ideal and reliable partner for compressed laminated wood.