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Overview fairs and exhibitions




Messe MoskauMARINTECH, Shanghai




Review fairs and exhibitions 


Messe BerlinCWIEME, Berlin 20. - 22. June 2017

The 2017 CWIEME fair in Berlin was very successful. In addition to introducing our products, we exchanged a lot of experiences and held focused discussions with very many of our valued customers. We look forward to meeting you all again in Berlin next year. 




Messe MoskauGASTECH, Tokyo






Messe MoskauELEKTRO, Moscow



Messe MoskauIEEE, Dallas 3. - 5. May 2016



Messe MoskauMiddle East Electricity, Dubai 1. - 3. March 2016





Messe MoskauElecrama, Bangalore





Messe MoskauMarinTec, Shanghai 1. - 4. December 2015





Messe MoskauGASTECH, Singapur