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dehonit® Tangential Rings

made from compressed laminated wood 

dehonit® rings with tangential fibre direction can be produced up to a maximum outside diameter of 2,850 mm. This special material construction offers superior mechanical properties and optimum flexural strength. 

The laminate direction is individually constructed resulting in an exceptionally controlled and homogenous material with a uniform density giving very reliable properties and perfect oil absorption.

Delivery program dehonit® Tangential Rings
Quality DIN 7707 / IEC61061dehonit® QualityDiameter / mmThickness / mm
KP 20 242 / T2R D795-8 300 mm - 2.850 mm 10 mm - 500 mm
KP 20 244 / T4R D725-8 300 mm - 2.850 mm 10 mm - 500 mm

Special sizes are available within a short lead time.