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Technical Plastics

We have decades of experiences in advising, manufacturing and machining of technical plastics for different applications.

We can offer individual solutions for plastic and special materials to suit your individual requirements such as:

as semi-finished and finished parts.

Additionally we deliver sliding rails / profiles and accessory equipment for conveyor technology and engineering.

A comprehensive program of cutting boards round off our delivery program.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Semi-finished Parts

Finished Parts, Sliding Rails, Profiles and Accessories

High Quality Cutting Boards

Our cutting boards are proven for their outstanding properties and incorporate latest technologies to ensure improved and trouble-free cutting of all, even the most complex, materials.

High-grade compounds with excellent physical properties, different hardness’s and strengths, completely void-free with dimensional stability.

High impact resistance, no chipping or crumbling to ensure perfect cutting results with minimum wear.

Suitable for all cutting applications, machines, tools and materials; also suitable for perforating work

Paper industry, leather industry, textile industry, automotive industry, furniture industry, sporting industry, sealing industry, shoe industry, orthopedics, packing industry, construction industry and many more

Cutting boards are suitable for all cutting machines and cutting knives.

Special Service:
Re-planing of used cutting boards
As the boards can be re-planed on both sides they can be used down to a thickness of a few millimeters resulting in extremely long service life.

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