Architecture and Security Services

dehonit® compressed laminated wood is produced in accordance to DIN 7707. High quality red beech veneers are impregnated with resin and compressed under high pressure and temperature to form the dehonit® high strength  material.  Through special processes we are able to produce a compressed laminated wood with a surface appearance of natural wood.

dehonit® is used in public buildings, railway stations, banks, airports, offices, schools and hospitals as

  • Hand rails
  • Benches
  • Floors
  • Paneling
Advantages of dehonit® are:
  • Extreme high mechanical strength
  • High wear resistance
  • High resistance to impact damage from stilettos
  • Resistant against oil, petrol, water, weak acids and alkalis

The unique construction of dehonit® Security enables the material to be burglary-resistant and bulletproof. It is ideally suited for use in banks, courts and other security buildings and areas.

We can advise you on areas of specific application for dehonit®. Please contact us.