dehonit® Rods, Nuts and Threaded Rods

With good electrical properties and high mechanical strength, dehonit® threaded rods and nuts have become one of the leading materials to connect lead supports and lead support structures in power transformers. However we recognize that other materials such as glass fibre and nylon are also used in this industry and we are able to offer threaded rods and nuts in these materials as well. We have carried out testing on the properties of these alternative materials both on their own and in combination with our own materials.

dehonit® threaded rods and nuts are primarily manufactured from the vacuum impregnated grade (giving a water absorption rate of less than 1 %) but can also be offered as an alternative in the resin coated grades. Designers should assess which material grade is best suited depending on the environmental conditions under which the rods and nuts will operate.

dehonit® threaded rods are available from M8 – M20 ex stock. Standard length for threaded rods = 1,000 mm. Other sizes available on request.

dehonit® Nuts for Threaded Rods

Pull strength

dehonit® Round Rods

dehonit® round rods are available from 6 mm to 25 mm diameter from stock. Standard length = 1,000 mm. Other sizes available on request.